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We manufacture and market the delicious food products of Hakata, in Kyushu, including Hakata karashi-mentaiko (salted cod roe seasoned with red pepper) made using only the truly delicious fish roe produced in Hokkaido. Our brand name contains allusions to food so delicious that even an empress would delight in it.



This brand is for products containing no chemical seasonings or preservatives, and is supervised by the head chef of the Kayanoya natural food restaurant. We sell seasonings and food products made from raw materials painstakingly selected by the head chef and carefully flavored to be easily usable in the home. We sell a series of dashi soup stocks, such as the popular Kayanoya Dashi, as well as shoyu, Tare sauces, sauce-type seasonings, rice dish flavorings, condiments, etc.



The most prominent products we sell include the “ Cabbage Umatare” series of sauces, inspired by a vinegar Tare sauce used by yakitori grilled chicken restaurants in Fukuoka to flavor cabbage, and the “Yasai no Umanabe” series of vegetable stew flavorings, as well as the Okapon salad dressing mix. Based on our motto, “Make it delicious and enjoyable”, we provide people with seasonings they have never tried before at reasonable prices.


The Sakuemon brand takes on a professional name passed down from generation to generation by our predecessors. In line with that tradition, Sakuemon seeks to bring out the natural flavor of the raw materials without using any chemical seasonings or preservatives, and we develop products that are easy for people to use at home. We sell a series of vegetable stew flavorings, ponzu vinegar, rice dish flavorings, and so on.



This Hibina brand is newly offered to people to enjoy vegetables good for health daily. We sell a variety of seasoning including dressing and sauce for fried vegetables in order for people to enjoy vegetables.

A Variety of Different Marketing Channels

Our company possesses a variety of different marketing channels, and it is one of our strengths that we can deploy marketing strategies suited to the characteristics of each of our brands.

  • ●Retail shops under the direct operation of our companies
  • ●Retail shops located in department stores
  • ●Wholesale for distribution to supermarkets and other such outlets
  • ●Restaurant Business
  • ●Mail order sales and Internet Business