Our Unique Challenge

Fermentation Plant and Warehouse

Utilizing the Power
of Fermentation

The origin of our business was in making shoyu by fermentation. In brewing a product of this kind, the power of fermentation is essential. Japanese people have produced traditional shoyu, miso soybean paste, and vinegar since ancient times by combining the power of fermentation with soybeans and rice. Our company also has its own fermentation plant and warehouse where we make shoyu, miso soybean paste, vinegar, and amazake, a sweet drink made by fermenting rice. We intend to continue seeking out new possibilities for fermentation in the future.

Agricultural Production Corporation Biden

The Roots of Food and Eating are in Agriculture

We have been involved in producing food products for a very long time, and as we explored the sources of flavor production, our conclusion was that agriculture is key. Our ideal is to be a food products company that supplies its own ingredients. The number of vegetables we have under cultivation is still not large, but we have been taking steps that range from preparing the soil to using the vegetables we harvest in processing seasonings. We also frequently hold special events for people to experience agriculture and we offer cooking lessons. Our company is becoming an enjoyable destination where families from local communities can bring their children for education on food and eating, and have fun while learning.