Corporate Philosophy

Seek the Authenticity, Close to the Customers

Now, just as in the distant past, food and dining have been closely connected with our daily lives. Food provides us with important nutrients, and dining is an occasion for pleasure and togetherness. It is precisely because of this that our ancestors used ingenuity and wisdom to continuously seek out the depths of what food and eating have to offer.

Our origin was in shoyu (soy sauce), and that is just one of the wonderful food products that was developed by our ancestors. Kubara Honke originated in 1893 as Kubara Shoyu, and I am the fourth president. When I started out in the company, I used to deliver shoyu from house to house. One thing I will never forget is the smiles on my customers' faces as they said "Thank you!"

I want to bring happiness to more people through food and dining. It was with that wholehearted purpose that I studied day and night, and today we have become a general food manufacturer, releasing a large number of products in the market.

Approximately 120 years have passed since the founding of our business, and looking ahead to our second centennial, I hope to keep the company pursuing "authenticity" and extending its roots into the local community. We search for what today’s customers want, and work from that conception, using superior technology and materials that express the individual faces and hearts of their makers, to create a product of high quality that can be relied on. As I see it, authenticity can only be achieved in this way, by honest, straightforward immersion in the making of the product.

With my belief in "manufacturing that gives a voice to objects that are voiceless," I want to give people a taste of something truly delicious that someone has put their heart and hard work into, without begrudging the time it might take to make. If people feel moved and excited by this, then I will feel no greater joy. I wish to continue taking on challenges, aiming to make a company that continues producing that feeling of excitement long into the future.

久原本家グループ 社主 河邊 哲司