Quality Assurance

Production Headquarters
and Quality Assurance Division

Manufacturing Based on International Standards
Provides Safety and Security

Our head office plant annually produces over 1,000 items, each faithfully following the mixture of ingredients designed by the Research and Development Department. Our ability to meet a wide range of needs by manufacturing such a diversity of products using our fully equipped production line and technology is one of our strengths.
Our head office plant has acquired certification under two international standards, ISO 9001 quality management systems and FSSC 22000 food safety management systems.

The Quality Assurance Department, which takes on the responsibility for the safety of our food products, is made up of the Quality Control Section and the Quality Assurance Section. The Quality Control Section carries out sanitary control of our plant and retail shops, and also performs quality inspection of our raw materials, trial products, commercial products, and so on. The Quality Assurance Section performs audits to determine whether all of our products are in compliance with the various laws and regulations, and it assures their quality. We have developed a system that prevents problems and customer complaints regarding quality before they occur, and that can address issues promptly.

● Microbiological Testing

Common bacteria, heat-resistant bacteria, coliform bacteria, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, fungi (molds and yeasts), Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Salmonella, B. cereus, retort sterility testing, Lactobacillus, simple bacterial identification, microscopy

●Environmental Testing

Smear test (ATP test, etc.), airborne bacteria, illumination, inspection cleaning status, water quality test

●Physical and Chemical Testing

Salt content, acidity, pH, Brix, viscosity, chromaticity, moisture content, residual chlorine concentration, alcohol concentration, fat and oil deterioration level, water activity/fat content/radioactive cesium/allergen testing, foreign matter inspection, component analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography

●Sensory Testing

Sensory testing of flavor, color, and fragrance by highly experienced quality control staff

●ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 Management

Manual management and systems operation support for every division in the Group

●Food Law Procedures

Food product labeling audits, catalogue descriptions, and other such matters in accordance with food laws

●Other Operations

Nitrite analysis, residual agrochemical analysis, sanitary supervision of Group employees, comprehensive sanitary management and risk management of plant as a whole

●Quality Assurance Concerning Radioactive Materials

The Kubara Honke Group has started quality assurance initiatives concerning radioactive materials after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We analyze regularly all products to guarantee safety for radioactive materials through in-house testing, using the radioactive cesium measuring device (FD-08Cs100).