Restaurants and Shops

Restaurant Kayanoya

We do more than just produce and market food products. We also operate restaurants ourselves. Representative of these efforts is the Kayanoya natural food restaurant, housed in a large thatched-roof building located in a traditional farming village nestled in the hills in a natural setting so rich and clean that fireflies can still be seen. We built it because we wanted to carry on the wisdom about food and eating passed down from the distant past, as well as the richly flavorful culinary culture of the locality, and because we wanted to give customers the opportunity to savor it. The large thatched roof is a superb hand-made product of traditional Japanese craftsmen.

The thatched roof used 80 tons of reeds. Experienced thatchers from every part of Japan gathered to carry out the thatching, a process that took two years.

Mentai-Dining Hakata Shobo-an

Our restaurant Gohanya Shobo-an is located in the JR Hakata Station building. Here we offer the delicious flavors of freshly-made rice cooked in earthenware pots, our own karashi-mentaiko (salted cod roe seasoned with red pepper), and sashimi-style fish and other fresh seafood. We also have a full range of the locally brewed sake and shochu distilled spirits that Kyushu is famous for.

Kayanoya, Factory-direct Retail Shops

The Kayanoya products that come out of our natural food restaurant are free of chemical seasonings and preservatives, and as a rule we make them available for purchase at our own retail establishments. We offer over 100 items. These mainly consist of Japanese-style seasonings, but we also offer a range of various other seasonings, rice dish flavorings, and other such food products. All of these are our own in-house brands and they do not contain any chemical seasonings or preservatives.

Every shop is equipped with a kitchen, and we are always ready to provide tastings so that customers can make sure that the flavor suits them and obtain a clear idea of how to use a product before purchasing it. We are opening shops throughout the country, from Kyushu all the way north to Hokkaido.

Store list

  • Kubara Honke Flagship Shop
  • Fukuoka Tenjin Iwataya Store
  • Hakata Station Deitos Store
  • Hakata Riverain Store
  • Kayanoya Koujigura Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store
  • Kokura Izutsuya Store
  • Fukuoka airport Store
  • Ekie Hiroshima Store
  • Grand Front Osaka Store
  • Takashimaya Osaka Store
  • Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store
  • Daimaru Kobe Store
  • Nishinomiya Gardens Store
  • Daimaru Kyoto Store
  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store
  • JR Nagoya Takashimaya Store
  • Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Store
  • Tokyo Midtown Store
  • Tokyo Station Store
  • Coredo Muromachi Store (Nihonbashi)
  • Takashimaya Shinjuku Store
  • Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center Store
  • Kayanoya Koujigura Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center Store
  • Takashimaya Tachikawa Store
  • Atre Ebisu Store
  • Haneda Airport
  • Yokohama Bay Quarter Store
  • Takashimaya Yokohama Store
  • Sogo Chiba Store
  • Narita Airport
  • Sendai Parco2 Store
  • Daimaru Sapporo Store
Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong City Super Times Square Shop
  • Shanghai City Super ifc Shop
  • Shanghai City Super iapm Shop
  • Kubara Honke Head Office Store
  • Fukuoka Tenjin Iwataya Store
  • Kubara Honke Head Office Store
  • Fukuoka Tenjin Iwataya Store